Hi I’m Andy a father of two beautiful girls, board game enthusiast, graduate of physics and armchair astrophysicist.

I am a bit of a fan of MBTI and identify as an INTP. You can research about INTPs and most of what you read will describe me very well. Something was a bit amiss though. I couldn’t find much written about the emotional side of INTPs which led me to quite like description of the ‘turbulent’ trait from 16 personalities site. I would also agree that most traits of a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) apply to me as well – why not add another label to myself?

This site is a collection of random musings and observations on just about anything but most likely: science, space, education, board games, philosophy and MBTI. Please note I’m not too welcoming of the idea of religion (or am I?) so be prepared for some thoughts on that.

This is really my personal therapy, it’s so good just getting stuff from out of my mind and notebook and onto something more permanent. I don’t know where this journey into internet space will go but I just need to get my thoughts down somewhere; someone might even read them!