Orchid diary 10/07/19

I’ve realised my orchids need an environment that replicates their natural habitat more. I need high humidity, warm temperature and air movement.

To solve the lack of humidity here I invested £10 in a room humidifier. I didn’t need a big one nor did I want to top up the water within the humidifier every day. I found one that you can unscrew from the tank it comes with so can just suspend the unit in a pool of water…

I decided to use an old aquarium tank to house the orchids which I think will provide better conditions. The glass will keep some heat in and I can fill the bottom with water to feed the humidifier. I tried to humidify a corner of the room with the unit but didn’t appear to do much according to my relative humidity meter, hopefully the tank will hold the water vapour more. The humidifier is in the back left hand side of the tank in the picture below. Quite a nice purchase, it produces a steady stream of fine mist using a cotton wick to bring the water to the unit.

I’ve been playing around with this set up for a while and one of my orchid’s roots are dying out too much. I need to up the temperature within the tank sooner rather than later. I have just put a little heater in an aluminium block to rest on the water. This has no thermostatic control so will have to buy an immersible aquarium heater perhaps?

To create some airflow through the roots I’ve added a fan to the tank.

Hopefully all this should be a good basis going forward.

This is all a bit ridiculous but a fun project nonetheless. I guess they would do fine in a sunny kitchen or bathroom but I don’t haven’t those steamier conditions here at work.



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