Orchid diary 02/07/19

The mounted orchid on a plant is probably drying out, the set up doesn’t seem to hold any moisture. It might be fine and happy but I’m not sure. I mounted the first orchid horizontally since I thought this would be more natural but i’ve read that a lot of varieties grow vertically. No worries, I have another orchid to experiment on. This second orchid came with a decorative clay pot (that can’t be good for the roots, can it?) that looks too good to throw away. Further reading suggests that the roots photosynthesize (which must be unique to orchids?) so they will need light, let’s ditch the pot then…or maybe I could invert and use as a stand?

I grabbed some moss from the forest just down the road which hopefully will provide some moisture retention but allow air to move through to the roots. I was pondering how to let the roots have access to air and light but not dry out…seems like orchids like a high humidity level. One suggestion was to place a container of water below the pot which should provide some humidity as it evaporates.

The picture you can hopefully see is orchid number 2 set up.



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