Monthly Archive: July, 2019

Orchid diary 10/07/19

I’ve realised my orchids need an environment that replicates their natural habitat more. I need high humidity, warm temperature and air movement. To solve the lack of humidity here I invested £10 in a room humidifier. I didn’t need a big one nor did I want to top up the water within the humidifier every day. I found one that...

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Orchid diary 02/07/19

The mounted orchid on a plant is probably drying out, the set up doesn’t seem to hold any moisture. It might be fine and happy but I’m not sure. I mounted the first orchid horizontally since I thought this would be more natural but i’ve read that a lot of varieties grow vertically. No worries, I have another orchid to...

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Orchid diary! 27/06/19

I’ve never been able to successfully keep shop bought orchids alive in the past and so haven’t really considered getting any more. However recently I saw some reduced orhids in the supermarket and just had to get some. Could be the start of another short-lived obsession. I think like every plant I’ve ever owned I over water too much. Seems...

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