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I thought I would write this as I sit down in a massive Primark clothes store. For those of you that don’t know it’s a large budget clothing chain that years ago had a documentary revealing the poor conditions that the clothes makers worked in. It’s hot in here (lovely and sunny but breezy outside) and too many people just milling around. I’ve made it to a safe area, well an in-store Costa* coffee is about the best I can do. Being a sensitive individual these shops are difficult for me: bright lights, to many people, chaos, stale air and just too much colour. It’s an assault on my senses, probably the most unnatural place for me. My brain screams at me before the doorway DO NOT GO IN THERE.

My wife is shopping for the children. I can think of 100 (probably a lot more) different things I would rather be doing. All these people dragging their children round to buy clothes and those that want the latest fashion – that’s not really fair since I have zero fashion sense myself.

It’s the fast food of clothing, I doubt anything is ethically sourced. Wait, am I being unfair here? Let’s have a look:

How Ethical Is Primark?

There you go, you can decide for yourself.

I don’t know why I’m picking on Primark, I suppose because I’m here now. Maybe it’s not their fault, people are buying it so they sell it. Of course we aren’t all able to afford the more ethical clothing, what can we do about this I wonder?

While I’m here, where should I be buying clothes from? I’m just looking at men’s clothing though. I’ve found which looks more my style and seem a good ethical company in the UK. Will let you know what they are like when I get round to buying something.

Where do you get your clothing from? Do you think clothes stores should be more responsible or is it the customers’ faults?

If you are a highly sensitive person how do you find these places?

*They do a filter coffee here for £1.50. Never seen that in other Costa stores. Finally some decent testing coffee from Costa.



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