Sorry environment!

I like to consider myself a bit of an environmentalist and understand the harm that beef production causes to the planet.

This photograph is of a delicious steak with porcini mushroom sauce that I consumed and really enjoyed. I am just posting this so that if I rant too much on environmental issues you can call me a hypocrite. I’m not perfect, just saying.

My wife treated me out. She’s a vegetarian and was offended when I wanted a Caesar salad in a gourmet steak restaurant. The restaurant did claim to use well-managed beef though. Is this just me making excuses?

Thank you cow, you were delicious and I truly appreciate your existence for my dinner plate. Hope you had a happy life, I really do.

I apologise for the picture quality, it wasn’t taken by me, it’s hard to get food to look good in a photograph. This almost looks like the pictures taken in one of those out of town fast food restaurants, so apologies.



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