What is an INTP?

I don’t want to speak for others but I feel what I describe would be true for most INTPs.

Ever said to yourself: “he is soo much like…”, noticed that two people are so alike it’s uncanny? Ever thought why people vote the way they do or why people see the world differently? A lot of this can be explained by the Myers Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI for short. It’s a personality assessment and tries to identify your personality traits and then suggests you might fit within a certain personality ‘type’.

INTP is one of 16 distinct personalities suggested by MBTI. Obviously this is a generalisation but it feels that 16 different personalities can be observed and you will likely fit into one of them.

Each personality ‘type’ is made up of 4 letters, each one a trait of your personality. The first is either I for Introversion or E for Extroversion. The second is N for iNtuition or S for Sensing. The third is either T for Thinking or F for Feeling. Lastly the fourth letter is P for Perceiving or J for Judging.

MBTI says your traits are your preferred ones to use, like you use your right hand over your left if you are right-handed. For example it suggests you can’t be both introverted and extroverted at the same time but we have a preference. Lets see the make-up of an INTP personality as viewed through my lens.

There is science to support this which I will explain in another post.
I prefer to socialise in small groups and usually for short periods of time. Socialising tires me out – it’s a real feeling!

I am more excited by change and the future than the Sensors (letter ‘S’) among us. I am not a traditionalist and don’t often talk about the past.

I’m more of an abstract theorist than a practical realist like a Sensor. An INTP will want to explore more ideas than stick with the tried and tested.

Thinking is what I do best. I Think. All the time. If you are a ‘Feeler’ then you would be using emotion to make make decisions rather than logic and rationality like me. It would be difficult to use both at same time, makes sense doesn’t it?

I am wildly disorganised and have trouble keeping to routines or schedules unlike our Judging opposites. I’m not friends with time, he moves too quickly leaving me behind.
Procrastination is the game for me, I’m a thinker not a doer, last minute is where it’s at.

I see actions not as right or wrong, black or white but as grey, so I wouldn’t make a good traditional judge perhaps.

Mix the above traits into an amalgamation that is my personality and you end up with a person who is constantly in thought and prefers thinking than socialising.

I have collected words and experiences for a couple of years that describe me. Below are some of these descriptions:

Reflective. Unconventional. Deep thinker.

The need to explore, experience, solve and understand. I am curious and seek knowledge. I need to discover things by myself.

Puzzle and problem solver. System designer or improver. Good at recognising patterns in trends, data and apparently unrelated topics.

Creator and Deconstructor of ideas. Rational and logical but caring to a degree. Analytical.

Debater, advisor, playful, always late and disorganised. Rebellious (to an extent), non conformist and independent. Socially goofy. Prefer quiet reflection than social engagement.

Humanitarian but not really a people person.

Making connections, thinking big and making wild connections. Visual learner and promote understanding over learning facts.

If this sounds like you then you are likely an INTP too.



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