My personality journey

How did I end up labelling myself with various personality terminology?

I remember reading an article about introverts in the workplace because one of my staff used to sit in a quiet corner at lunch time. I never considered myself an introvert or even really thought about it. Reading the article I started to feel goose bumps, the article was actually about me! I couldn’t believe that the descriptions of introverts fit me like a glove. That started to explain a lot about myself, I just thought I was a little ‘different’, weird to most people but now I can say i’m actually pretty normal!

I went to learn that there are different introverts, like social and thinking ones which made sense to me as I felt I was different to other introverts that I know. This led me to learn a bit about MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator?) and was thus hooked. Some of you might be rolling your eyes at the mention of MBTI but I will explain why I think it’s useful in a later post.

I took tests upon tests but kept getting different ‘Types’ as a result. I was a bit confused until I read the descriptions of each one. The Type that stood out was INTP, a thinking introvert, and the more I read the more certain I was. I couldn’t believe how accurate the descriptions were of me and explained a lot of incidences and reasons behind my life choices. There was one thing that didn’t feel right however.

There wasn’t much mention of my emotions that I feel in the descriptions of INTPs. I did consider at one time that I was an INFP (tests showed this as well), INFPs being introverts more in touch with their feelings. Descriptions of INFPs though didn’t feel right, I’m not really that interested in people as was described. My emotions and feelings are usually quite dormant until something sets me off. I’m not that emotionally connected to people in the usual way but I can sort ‘feel’ what others are feeling. I can also feel stress in people, it’s weird but can sense it. I stumbled upon a site that described Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) and that fit the bill, describing my emotional experiences and also my environmental sensitivity. I’m happy with the descriptions of INTPs but with higher emotional and environmental sensitivity than the norm.

I discovered the site: which adds another dimension to MBTI, namely whether you have an assertive or turbulent personality. The turbulent traits seem to capture some of the highly sensitive ones so I think turbulence is explaining the sensitivity within some people.

That’s where i’m at, just a quick post really to offer a glimpse into my character.



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