Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3 thoughts

Spoilers by the way!…

Just watched; feeling drained, numb but in a good way. Felt like a tense ride since you never know what Game of Thrones will throw at you. What an epic show, could be one of the best things I have ever watched? Maybe I’m just saying that in the moment, I will have to wait until my brain can analyse…

There were some jaw dropping imagery within if only it wasn’t so dark at times. Loved the image of the barbarian horsemen riding off with flaming weapons aloft, providing the only light to the scene while a barrage of projectiles wreathed in flame fly overhead to bombard the unseen enemy. The magically conjured roiling ice cloud summoned forth by the Night King was suitably epic looking.

Just couldn’t predict what would happen, tense scenes throughout. I loved the little stealth scene with Arya, very tense again but a nice change of pace, very well done.

That final scene with the serene musical score; Arya’s surprise attack on the Night King…yes Arya, go for it! Oh dear, Arya looks in trouble…BOOM, Night King vanquished. Yes, the day is saved! Wait…the Night King just died?!…

My thoughts have cleared a little, I can begin to see the critical analysis coming…

I could see that the Night King had to die in the episode or all would be lost for the folks at Winterfell, and what a death it was but did feel like it was an early demise. I’ve been rooting for him from the beginning but still don’t understand his motivations (unless I’ve missed something).

Bran didn’t seem to do much, what was he actually doing so maybe something will come of this later.

Feels to me like the domination of the White Walkers ended early for them, I would have liked them to move onto King’s Landing. I got the gist that the Night King’s army was vast and potent and that Winterfell should fall (which it would have done hadn’t he been slain) but maybe his death was premature? I would have liked it if Winterfell force had to retreat and escape.

I suppose it did take the vast majority of Westeros to defeat him, maybe Winterfell as a location didn’t feel that epic enough to me (although the location is central to the narratie and close to our hearts). It feels strange to build up the White Walkers threat through 8 seasons then have them defeated as soon as they got over the wall. I suppose we didn’t see most of the destruction they caused though – maybe that was the problem, we didn’t see enough of them up to this episode?

Valyrian swords! Didn’t really come into action did they? Would of been cool if each wielder got a chance to kill a Night King lieutenant, which would have highlighted his vulnerability at the end. That would of felt as if the living had earned the kill a bit more.

I love the episode, thought it was quality entertainment, the White Walkers were stopped in a cool way but feels a bit lackluster in the grand scheme of things. Maybe Jon and Co. should have gone for King’s Landing first then into battle with the icy force. I guess Cercei is the main threat to the protagonists though. To me the White Walkers were the greater enemy but not all will agree with me, just a personal thing.

I’m hoping that Bran has a secret to divulge, his actions were pretty odd this episode. I wish I paid more attention to his story now, I wasn’t actually that invested in his character.

Random quote from the internet:
“Global warming weakened the Night King so Arya could deliver the final blow.”

I think what the White Walkers show is that humanity can put feuds and selfishness behind and work together in the face of a huge threat. I expect petty politics will return though soon enough though – it is Game of Thrones after all.

The show isn’t finished yet so they have a chance to suprise me still. R.I.P. Night King.

To paraphrase:

there is only one thing we say to Death: ‘Not today.’

I miss Syrio Forel.



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